The Gates Of Dawn

Welcome to my campaign page. The Gates of Dawn is a 4th edition dungeons and dragons campaign set in Sword Coast area of the Forgotten Realms. It’s my group’s first test-campaign using 4th edition. The campaign started out with straightforward monster bashing, and I came up with lots of fluff later on.

It all started out in Beregost, mixing up a kobold warren housing a young white dragon in Cloak Wood, the begin of strange appearances of monsters in the area. The PCs will come to investigate, but at first they had get to know each other.

Wolfszahn (“Wolfteeth”) is a half-elf ranger. He never knew his elf father, and left his human mother as he became of age, because he didn’t like her new husband. Wolfszahn went to Cloak Wood, where he met his tutor (no name yet) who showed him the ranger’s combat arts and understanding of natural things. He is a protector of his forest and hometown, Beregost.

Eisenbart (“Ironbeard”) is a dwarven fighter. He has lost his memory and tries to find his past. He was taken care of by Kagain, Beregost’s Blacksmith.

Rancor is a paladin of Tempus from the North. He is on a pilgrimage to the Fields of the Dead, and tries to find worthy companions for his journey.

Gates of Dawn

Gates of dawn